Our 30 Minute Strategy Call

What You Will Get Out of Our 30 Minute Mini Audit Call

Our 30 minute mini audit gives you powerful take-a-ways to improve your SEO, messaging and conversions. Here is what you can expect

  • Brief analysis of current SEO
  • Review of current site content
  • Strategy insights to improve your site
  • Review of headlines
  • Do you have a clear and compelling Marketing Dominating Position?
  • Is your Market Dominating Position supported by compelling content?
  • Review of conversion opportunities you are missing out on
  • Review of competition and how you stack up

At the end of our audit call you will know:

  • If our communication styles and approach to doing business are a good match
  • I appreciate your insights, but I’m not ready to do anything else
  • Whether you want to invest in our Total Digital Audit

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