Invest 30 Minutes To Improve Your Website SEO, Strategy and Content

What You Will Get Out of Our 30 Minute Mini Audit Call

Our 30 minute mini audit gives you powerful take-a-ways to improve your SEO, messaging and conversions. Here is what you can expect

Search Engine Optimization

Review of Key Words

  • Transactional, Navigational and Informational - what’s going to give you the biggest impact?
  • Review of what is working for your competition (or similar business)
  • Technical SEO – the areas that will improve site traffic


Strategy insights

  • Does your website reflect what you do best? We call this your Market Dominating Position (MDP).
  • Is your MDP clearly stated and easily identified?
  • Can you clearly and easily identify your ideal customer?
  • What conversion opportunities are you missing out on?


Strategy and content working together

  • Do you have content that supports your Market Dominating Position for your ideal customer? For example, is your key service area obvious? Is your MDP supported by relevant content that educates your ideal customer and moves them forward in the buying process?
  • Does your MDP transfer to other marketing tactics, such as social media?
  • Are your site visitors engaging with the content on your site? Or do they quickly bounce from your pages?
  • What content on a competitor’s site engages visitors?
  • Does the content that engages visitors reflect your ideal customer?

At the end of our audit call you will know

  • At least 10 actionable items to improve how your website performs
  • If you want to invest in our Total Digital Audit
  • If we are a match to work together
  • If you want to find out more about an ongoing monthly engagement for SEO Services
  • You’re not ready to do anything else at this time, but you appreciate our insights

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