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When was the last time you really put some thought into how the public views your business? If you’re like most other businesses, you’ve put a fair amount of time and energy into developing your brand and delivering a well formulated brand image to your audience. But what happens in those moments when the demands of running your business take you in different directions? Who’s protecting and building your image then?

The image the public forms around your business is a product of more than marketing strategy alone. They’re also looking at your role within the community and how you respond to events that have the potential to damage your credibility. Many businesses realize the importance of a marketing strategy, but few understand the brand building potential of public relations. 

This is where we come in. 

Why You Need a Partner for Public Relations

A PR agency helps businesses like yours cultivate a positive image within the community through a strategic approach to earned media. This includes promoting a positive brand image through media exposure, social media and other types of personal engagements. 

If you think that a business only needs a PR agency if they find themselves in the midst of a reputation crisis, then you’re missing out on many of the benefits of partnering with a public relations professional. As your partner in public relations, DigitalMX Online can benefit your business by:

  • Building credibility for your business by helping to establish your presence as a leader in the community
  • Help you gain control of your image by managing when, where and how your business is mentioned in the media and online
  • Help you attract and welcome new customers through your door through strategic messaging and community involvement
  • Formulate solid, mutually beneficial relationships between your business and key media contacts
  • Enhance your online presence with news stories that are targeted to produce positive word of mouth about your business
  • Making sure your business gets the exposure it needs, when it needs it, to build longevity as a successful business within your community
  • Reputation management during the unexpected crises that are bound to occur during the lifetime of your business

What’s Included in Professional PR Services?

There’s an unfortunate misconception that professional PR services are only needed during events that threaten the integrity of your reputation. The fact is that while a PR agency is a key asset during a media crisis, they also work tirelessly when nobody is looking to build a public image for your business that’s so rock solid that tarnishing it is next to impossible. 

A strategic approach to PR includes multiple components, each being equally important to the overall success of your public relations strategy. There are plenty of PR agencies that promise to deliver results, but few actually cover all the bases. At DigitalMX Online, our approach to public relations leaves no stone unturned. Here’s what you can expect with our professional PR services. 

Media Relations Management

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a PR agency is cultivating and managing relationships between the media and businesses. This involves nurturing a relationship with important media contacts and ensuring that your business is well perceived and earns the positive exposure that it deserves. 

Our role in media relations management for your business includes keeping the media up to date on newsworthy events that your business is connected to, ensuring that timely press releases are published and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and local media contacts. 

Community Relations

If you’re a local operation, establishing your business as a leader and supporter of the local community is a crucial part of building a favorable image. How the community perceives you has a significant and direct impact on how much they’re willing to invest in your business. At DigitalMX online, we focus on developing your image through strategic local community involvement. 

Our job is to learn more about the community that you call home and develop a strategy for community involvement and interaction that positions your business as a shining star among your local audience. 

Corporate Relations

Your image is built on more than your relationship with the general public. How you communicate and interact with other businesses on a “corporate” level is incredibly important. Our PR team is devoted to representing your business and creating a professional image through our approach to corporate communications. 

Event Management

It sounds too simple to be true, but one of the most effective ways of building a strong, positive image of your business involves nothing more than just putting yourself out there. Audiences today want to relate and engage with businesses on a more personal level. Considering that so many of our interactions today are digital, this has become more of a challenge. 

That’s why we look for opportunities for your business to become involved in events that are both relevant to your industry and geared toward providing your audience with the opportunity to get to know you better. We can handle the details of event management so you can focus on putting your best foot forward. 

Crisis Management

Finally, we come to the point that nobody really likes to talk about. Every business, no matter how big or small, can find themselves unexpectedly tangled in a PR disaster. As a growing business, your public image is everything. Having a PR agency on call to quickly address a crisis and mitigate any damage to the image you’ve worked so hard to build is one of the best protective measures you can take for your business. 

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Why DigitalMX Online?

As experienced, seasoned professionals in digital marketing, we’re equipped to build the stellar image and positive word of mouth that your business deserves. Your reputation is too important to not invest in a professional PR agency that will build and protect it as if it’s their own. We want to be the PR agency that helps to propel your business forward. Contact DigitalMX Online today and speak with one of our public relations professionals to learn more about the approach we’ll take to developing a PR strategy designed specifically for you.