Content that Persuades and Convinces

When a consumer enters a question into Google, the links that appear in the search results are content. Everyone consumes content on a daily basis, and it’s content that keeps us informed, answers questions, entertains us, makes us smile, guides our decisions, and more.

From your perspective as a business owner, content helps you attract, engage, delight and inform prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company.

Your content should capture visitors’ attention, pique their interest in your products and services, establish your credibility, prove your authenticity and engage them so they know you have the ideal solution to their problems.

When your content aligns with your core business strategy, your messages become persuasive and help you connect with your target audience.

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Content Should Convince Prospects that You’re Better and Different and They Should Buy from You 
What Content Should Accomplish

Your content will nurture prospects and convert them to customers if it does these four things:

  1. Captures the attention of your target audience
  2. Connects their needs to your solution
  3. Teaches them how to make the best decision possible by providing what they need to make an informed decision
  4. Lowers their risk in buying what you sell

Ask yourself if your content connects you with your ideal customer, provides useful information to your readers, attracts prospects to your website, and retains existing customers through quality engagement. If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then the digital marketing experts at DigitalMX can help you get your messaging on track.

Content + SEO = More Sales, More Profits

SEO and good content are like love and marriage – they just go together. They work hand-in-hand. They function in balance. They overlap.

When consumers have a question about a product or service, or are looking to find a solution to a problem they are experiencing, they turn to Google to find the information they want. To reach consumers at the time that they need what you’re selling, you’ll have to provide them with the right content at the right time.

That’s where SEO and content become the ultimate team. Your content is going nowhere and doing nothing unless people can search and find it. And in order to get it found, you need SEO.

No one part of a digital marketing package can stand alone. Each plays an equal role on the digital marketing stage. Effectively implemented SEO will help a prospect find your website, but once they get there, you need riveting content to keep them interested.

As search engines continue to refine their algorithms for indexing and displaying content in its search results, the need for high quality content to display for user searches has become even more important, so your content needs to be high-quality and in-depth. 

Content creating is not something you can do once or twice and stop. Google requires fresh content, and fresh content registers higher in search results than older content. Good SEO and good content creation, then, means consistent output of content.

You’ll discover that by combining SEO and content, your on-line reach will expand and so will your profitability.

The Buyer’s Journey

The driving force behind every purchase is what is called the Buyer’s Journey. It’s the process that turns a prospect into purchaser. Every prospect follows a path to a decision, and that path involves the awareness, consideration, and decision stages. Content helps to move a prospect through the journey by offering them helpful, interesting, convincing, relevant and/or entertaining content that’s appropriate for each stage.

By creating content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, you’re ensuring that no visitors fall through the cracks and that every individual that comes to your site feels like they are receiving relevant, useful information.

How can an understanding of the buyer’s journey work for you? Knowing where your prospects are in their Buyer’s Journey can help you target them with appropriate content that will move them along to the final buying decision.

In the Awareness stage, prospects will be highly receptive to any source that helps them define their problem or answer their questions. This is the time to introduce people to your products and services by providing information that helps them understand what’s involved in the issue they are facing. Emphasize the importance of the problem you solve and how much better life will be after using the solution your business provides.

In the Consideration stage, your prospects are now aware that solutions exist to help them solve their problem and they are evaluating different products. Content for this stage should explain how your product or service will effectively solve the specific problem the prospect identified in the Awareness stage. Because of your informative, educational content, your company is on their radar as a solution to their problem. You want to be recognized as a trusted resource, not as a pushy, overwhelming, hard sales pitchman.

The final stage of the Buyer’s Journey is Decision. Your prospects are now aware that your business is a potential solution for their problem, they have seen your products on your website, but they are still comparing you against other products. Content in the Decision phase should provide evidence of the results your prospect can expect after purchasing your product or service and persuade them that your solution is the best choice.

Your content’s job in the Decision state is to tell them why you are the best. It’s time to talk about benefits and features. It’s time to convince your prospect that your product and/or service is the best fit for their needs.

Do you see now why you use content to build relationships with prospects by demonstrating your expertise and providing the information that helps them make informed purchasing decisions? This is one of many jobs your content can do for you to increase leads, sales and profitability.

Powerful Copy Creates Interest and Engages Your Audience, then Persuades Them to Take Action

If your business offers exceptional value, but you haven’t found an effective way to communicate that value to your ideal customers, then you need the services of the experts at DigitalMX.

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If You Choose To Have Us Create Your Content, Then Be Prepared To Have Us Conduct Research, Interviews, And Go All Out To Set You Apart From Your Competition

When we create content for your business, we don’t just sit down, draw inspiration from the air, and start writing. We want to create something truly compelling for your business and that takes research and effort.

We will want to meet with you and explore your products, processes, services, methods, and your attitude in order to create your authentic message.

If you are willing to do what it takes to set yourself apart from your competition and are willing to examine your business and consider ways to innovate and get better, then we can schedule a time to discuss what we can accomplish together. ​