Website as Business Asset

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Today, a business website is the equivalent of a storefront where appearance matters
A professionally designed website is the cornerstone of your digital presence

When it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers online, your website is your most important business asset. In fact, depending on the type of business you have, your website is probably the primary place of your interaction with your customers.


Today, a business website is the equivalent of a storefront where appearance matters. If you’ve created an image that doesn’t convey professionalism and authority, then any visitors to your site won’t invest their time or money in learning more about your business.


Not sure that professional web design services are worth the expense when you think you can handle the task yourself? Or you can hire a company to create a website for you that only costs $600?


Let us help you understand the real value of professional web design services.


What a Professionally Designed Business Website Should Look Like


With do-it-yourself web design platforms making it relatively easy to put together a website, most any business can establish an online presence. What DIY platforms often fall short on are quality and performance.


When you depend on your website to serve as the first, second and lasting impression of your business, you need to work with a professional website design service that will make sure your site will perform to support and grow your business on every level.


Here’s what the web developer you choose should take into consideration as you plan out your website.


Mobile Responsiveness


In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year – and this number is expected to continue on upward. Mobile responsiveness in web design is crucial for connecting with the modern consumer and attracting traffic from local audiences.




You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that visibility is the key to a successful online presence. If customers can’t find you, you can’t nurture them to become customers. The quality of your web design, especially when it’s created using SEO principles as its foundation, is your strongest performer for optimizing online visibility.


Speedy Load Time


Your target audience won’t wait around for your website to load. In fact, they’re willing to give you only about 3 seconds before they’ll start to think about backing out and visiting your competitor instead. You need to ensure that your site is optimized for speed and performance.


User Experience


The stages of the Customer Buying Journey -- from awareness to interest to desire to action -- requires plenty of nurturing on your part throughout. To make this happen, your website needs to be an inviting destination that encourages each visitor to linger and explore everything your business has to offer.


You need experienced web designers who understand the importance of a user-friendly website. User-friendly means your website is visually appealing, intuitive to navigate and works to move prospects through your sales funnel.




No matter how well designed your website is, it’s impossible to gain the trust of visitors if you haven’t focused on creating a secure environment for them to share their information. Let DigitalMX Online handle your web design and rest easy knowing that your site, your customers and your business is protected and secure.


Your Vision  


Spend enough time researching different web design agencies and you’ll find that there’s a lot of ego floating around out there. Many agencies think within a very rigid box of what successful web design looks like.


There’s nothing wrong with following the tried and true, but you shouldn’t have to give up your vision for the sake of performance.


At DigitalMX Online, we recognize that each business is individual and therefore we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to web design. We’re here to work with you to create a professional website that performs while still holding true to the vision behind your growing business.


Site Design + SEO = Web Visibility


As a full-service digital agency, our team knows that building a solid online presence doesn’t stop once you’ve signed off on your new web design. In fact, it’s only the beginning.


A professionally designed website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. But what you do with it is just as important as the quality of design itself. This is why we offer SEO Packages that ensure you’re maximizing the performance of your new website.


Our SEO packages help you stand out in your market by creating a compelling message that sets you apart and elevates you above your competitors. We also make sure that your brand strategy is incorporated throughout your website so you provide your audience with a consistent, cohesive experience -- no matter where or how they’re engaging with you online.


Let the digital marketing experts at DigitalMX perform a digital audit to determine if your website is optimized to get your business found online and convert prospects into paying customers.