Use Q & A to Amp Up SEO Results

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Optimize Your Website for SEO Using Questions & Answers

The digital marketing experts at DigitalMX will amp up your SEO results using Q&A

A simple definition of content marketing is: "the practice of creating content and publishing it on your website and other social media sites to attract and retain visitors who eventually become customers."


A solid definition, yes, but one that needs some clarification.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy, based on building a relationship with your potential customers, by consistently giving them high quality, relevant content.  


In contrast to one-time advertising, content marketing shows that you actually care about your customers and more than ever, customers want to feel cared about.


To reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business, your content has to be something people actually want.


And to be truly relevant in today’s crowded on-line universe of data and copy, a content marketing piece needs to get noticed when a user is asking a question. That content piece needs to be the best answer to the question being asked.


Add Content that Answers Your Prospects' Questions


When you start considering how you can add more content to your website, think about all the different questions clients typically ask you.


When somebody calls you on the phone, every time you have a conversation with a client and explain something to them, that’s your content.


Create a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and SAQs (should ask questions). That’s your content. You’ve done some of the hard work already!


How Well Does Your Online Content Answer Questions that Your Audience is Asking?


Your ability to helpfully answer questions not only (1) assists your audience but also (2) helps your SEO because search engines view sites that give satisfying answers as valuable.


Google now pays more attention to answering questions people type in their search box.


The search engine giant now offers:

  • One-box “instant answers” between the search box and the search results (and references the source site).

We asked “how much are custom kitchen cabinets?” (We also asked “how much are kitchen cabinets?” and got the same results.)



  • “People also ask,” featuring questions and answers other people had when typing a similar question.


Both of these answer and question features are displayed prominently in the search results – after the ads, of course -- giving those “answer” sites huge exposure.


The only way to get featured in an instant answer or related answer is to ask and answer these types of questions on your own website and social media sites.


The questions in the “People Also Ask” box above look like good blog topics, don’t you think? At the very least, they deserve space in your FAQ’s and SAQs.


They are just a teaser to get your brain started thinking in that direction. Here are some other suggestions based on search queries:


  • How to organize kitchen cabinets
  • How are kitchen cabinets installed
  • How to choose kitchen cabinets
  • How to select quality kitchen cabinets
  • Where are kitchen cabinets made

There are many other topics that can be expanded into blog posts that answer consumer questions such as these.


Use Google's Drop-Down List to Get Ideas


Google provides another source of ideas: use the drop-down list when typing a question in the search box. Below we asked “how to clean kitchen cabinets?” You can see related questions other people asked -- all good blog ideas.

Let's Recap

By making questions and answers a major part of your content marketing strategy, you get an opportunity to

  1. rank in search for more phrases
  2. get more exposure from search results
  3. build trust
  4. become a linkable resource, and
  5. create value for your business

Not bad results for simply writing down the answers to questions you get asked all the time.



Most small business owners don’t think they can come up with enough content and or know how or where to publish it. If managing your content marketing strategy seems overwhelming, the DigitalMX team is expert content marketing specialists. They help their clients publish great content on their websites and in other social media sites.