Overcome 3 Obstacles and Get a Leads-Producing Website

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Make A Positive Impression With Every Prospect That Sees Your Website

DigitalMX will help your website overcome obstacles that prevent getting good leads

How do you measure a website's success in today's hyper-competitive internet world? Traffic? Search engine rankings? Compliments from friends and family on how great it looks?


No, no and no.


We may not judge a book by its cover, but we always judge a business by its website



The one true measure of a website's success is the number of QUALITY LEADS it generates.


Every prospect you ever get—regardless of how they heard about you—is going to look at your website and draw conclusions about their interest in doing business with you. When somebody lands on your website, they quickly decide whether or not to continue looking at your site.


There are three obstacles you’ve got to clear if you want prospects to engage with your website and consider doing business with you.


1. Is This Website What I'm Looking For?

When a web searcher first lands on your site, they immediately start scanning the page, looking for any sign that the site either IS or IS NOT a solution to what they are searching for. If the site isn’t attractive or if it’s hard to tell what you sell, or if it’s not even for the category they were searching, they’ll click off immediately.


Functionality is essential! Broken links, lack of speed, and non-responsive layouts are just a few issues that can turn off a visitor.  Eliminate these issues by spending time navigating through your site as if you’re a new user. Test all of your links and look for any other functionality issues that may be driving users from your site.


2. Is There Anything Interesting Here?


Assuming your website passed obstacle #1, your prospect is now going to see if there is anything interesting on the site that’s worthy of his time to look at more closely. This is where most websites lose people—even attractive sites. The biggest problem is that your site looks just about like every other website. There’s nothing here that differentiates you from every other designer or remodeler.


To make it past the second obstacle, your website must give the visitor the promise that you offer value and it’s worthwhile for them to pursue further.


This isn’t accomplished with design or colors or pictures. It’s done with words and/or video that captures your identity, explains who you are, how you’re different, and what people can expect when doing business with you.


3. Can I Trust This Business?


This is where lookers get turned into buyers. Once the prospect reads your headlines and understands what you offer, they want you to prove it. They want to know if they can trust your claims, and in turn, trust you.


This is where reviews and social proof come into play.


They want to hear what people are saying about you. If you tell them that you’re the right designer/remodeler for demanding and hard to please people, they’re going to want to know more about what that means. You can’t just make a claim and then leave it hanging out there—you have to back it up. You have to explain it. You have to give examples.


Don’t assume they know or believe anything. Use words, videos and photos to give depth and meaning to your headlines.


Highlight your certifications and professional partnerships. Verify your reputation by showcasing your own and your staff members’ specialized skills or certifications. The more your site visitors can connect with the real people behind your website, the more trustworthy your online presence will seem. 


Social proof means customer testimonials, online reviews and lots of photos related to your work. Prospects want to see and believe that other people have used your services and actually like you, like working with you, like your products and your services. They want to see pictures. They want to read about what others think, they want to know about others’ experiences working with you.   


Your goal should be to have a website that is credible and trustworthy, that answers prospects’ questions, and that provides them with the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to work with and trust you -- or not. It should look good, load quickly and function well. And be mobile friendly.




The experts at DigitalMX know all about optimizing website performance. Their tips in this article will improve your website’s functionality and content, help you attract and keep visitors, and generate the qualified leads your business needs to grow and prosper.


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