How to Target the Right Audience in a PPC Campaign

Submitted by DigitalMX Online on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 14:33
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When you’re looking for fast results with your marketing strategy, there’s no shorter path to success than PPC. When optimized, pay per click campaigns provide a direct connection between you and the most important members of your digital audience. Note the word “optimized” in the previous sentence. PPC is a great tool, but only when you really know how to get maximum impact out of it.

The typical strategies for PPC optimization often involve getting lost in keyword analytics, bids and budgeting structures. No one is saying that these aren’t important. The problem is that too many businesses look at them first before considering what really matters – the audience that their PPC ads are targeted towards.

By not devoting any effort to audience targeting with your PPC campaign, you’re essentially saying that every member of your audience is the same – something that we all know couldn’t be further from the truth. The key to PPC success is understanding the major and subtle differences among your audience and learning how to appeal to them through purposefully targeting strategies. To demonstrate, here are a few targeting tactics that will elevate the success of your next PPC campaign.

Tapping into Custom Affinity Audiences

The Google Display Network has made it easier than ever to target a predefined market with affinity audiences. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, an affinity audience is one that shares common attributes that make them all likely targets for your PPC strategy. The only problem with this is that affinity audiences are notoriously broad and lack real definition.

For example, two people who have pretty much nothing else in common except one relatively minor attribute can be part of the same affinity audience, even though a more targeted approach would have place them in separate marketing categories. Appealing to affinity audiences can generate some success with a PPC campaign, however you’re also going to be spending a lot of money on dead end clicks.

The solution is to take affinity audience and go deeper into custom affinity segments. Custom affinity settings allow you to have more control in targeting your audience within the Google Display Network. For example, a home improvement store could customize their affinity audience based on particular interests, such as gardening or outdoor furnishings, and tailor their ads for conversion. A side benefit is that targeting with custom affinity ads is also an effective strategy for brand building – making it a double win for growing businesses.

Making the Most of Custom Audiences on Facebook

With 93% of marketers regularly investing in Facebook advertising, there’s no question that Facebook is a powerful tool in the PPC market. This is probably in large part due to the highly effective custom audience features that the platform provides for its paid ad users.

Custom audiences on Facebook allow you to reach a hyper targeted portion of your audience based upon how they engage with your business. If you’ve been using custom audiences up until this point to better target your PPC audience of Facebook, then great. However, you should also know that the powers that be over at the social network have amped up their interest in protecting their users from irrelevant content, including your PPC ads.

This means that it’s really time to pay attention to who you’re marketing towards and why. For example, if you’ve decided to create a PPC campaign geared towards early to mid-20s, athletic men and use Facebook’s targeting tools to reach them, analytics will tell you that this might not be the best use of your time or advertising dollars.

Research tells us that women are more likely to engage on Facebook and that the men in your current target group – based on their age - are the least likely to engage with paid ads on the network. To get the most out of your PPC ads on Facebook, it’s time to step away from straight demographics and leverage behavioral trends for maximum impact with the custom audience feature.

Actions Speak Volumes

When targeting an audience for your paid ads, you essentially have two choices – create an audience based on what you think they might do or base it on the actions that they’re already taking. The first option is hopeful, but it’s also like a shot in the dark. Targeting based on previous or current activities is where you’re going to see results.

The main reason for this is that activity based targeting allows you to create a paid ad that automatically meshes with the audience member’s exact point in the customer journey. It’s perfect for gaining a better feel for where your customers are along the funnel and provides a seamless, intuitive experience for each person that comes to you through a paid ad.

Examples of activities you base your PPC audience on include:

  • Visit history that illustrates product pages and specific interests that can be used as fuel for conversions

  • Video views that demonstrate a serious interest in the product or service showcased in the content

  • Heavy browsers who might need a targeted incentive to focus in and convert

  • Nurturing micro conversions to the next step in the sales funnel

This is a great strategy for nurturing the relationship with members of your audience that are already engaging with your brand in some way. Plus, you can take this strategy one step further and target your audience based on actions across multiple PPC platforms, allowing you to meet the people with the highest possibility for conversion at multiple locations.

Partner with Experts in PPC Targeting

These strategies are only the beginning of the many ways you can target your audience for an effective, successful PPC campaign. With the right tools, it’s possible to do it on your own, but we know that it isn’t uncommon for businesses to miss crucial opportunities when they attempt to create and execute a PPC strategy on their own. Their results might be “satisfactory”, but we want more for you.

We’re the PPC Agency that’s dedicated to producing results for your growing business. We approach your campaign with the tools for defining the audiences that will finally get the needle moving. Contact DigitalMX today and let us show you what successful, targeted PPC looks like for your brand.