The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

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Updated with new content April 30, 2019
social media is the ultimate tool for building brand awareness and visibility in the digital world

It’s hard to deny that social media is the ultimate tool for building brand awareness and visibility in the digital world. Social media provides an avenue for your business to reach out to a practically limitless audience and connect with the people who will help your business grow. While social media has become a part of everyday life for millions of people, anyone who has ever tried their hand at social media marketing knows that it isn’t always easy.


Most every business can benefit from social media. Then why do so many companies fail with social media campaigns? Many small and medium sized businesses find themselves scrambling to develop brand awareness on social media. They might choose just one platform and run with it, but considering that more than half of all adults online are on more than one social network, many businesses are attempting to juggle multiple accounts with a mixed bag of results. DigitalMX can help you identify the best social media apps available for connecting to your audience. This may include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, Vimeo or others.


When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to remember priority number one – to meet and engage with a targeted audience. Recognizing the best social network for your business is key to achieving this and reducing the stress that social media marketing puts on your resources. Hitting every social platform for good measure is rarely a strategy that works, but how do you know where to target your efforts?


Here’s a bit about the most popular social media platforms and why each is or isn’t best suited for your growing business.


Tackling the Facebook Giant


While the competition among social networks is fierce, Facebook still reigns as the largest and most recognizable among the big players in the world of social media. When a business first starts thinking about social media marketing, their efforts almost always first go towards building a presence on Facebook.


Facebook is a great entry point into social media for many businesses. It’s a widely recognized platform, every adult demographic has at least some representation on it, and it’s a platform that most business owners are already familiar with so creating a business account is relatively easy for them.


One of the benefits of Facebook is that each person is supposedly no more than 3.5 degrees of separation removed from any other person on the network. From a business perspective, this is huge for building brand awareness through word of mouth.


The downside of Facebook is that it isn’t everyone’s favorite anymore. Specific demographics are spending more time on other networks, so relying on it as your only point of contact in the world of social media can be limiting to your success.


Understanding the Twitter-verse


There are currently about 330 million active monthly users on Twitter, and they’ve become masters at conveying relevant, interesting thoughts in 280 characters or less. More importantly, people are listening. Twitter posts go viral across social media more than ever before. For businesses, this illustrates huge potential for increasing brand visibility in front of a very engaged audience.


Twitter is important for businesses because it’s become more than just a social media marketing tool. It’s also become the place where more customers turn to when they want to reach out to a business with questions, accolades and customer service issues. You do not want to miss things that are said that could be crucial to your reputation.


While Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get a message around the internet, it might not be for you when it comes to digital marketing if you’re not willing to tweet regularly. Twitter users tend to have higher expectations when it comes to the level of presence that a brand has on the platform. Showing up once or twice a week isn’t going to cut it if you really want to build visibility and engagement.


Leveraging LinkedIn


LinkedIn isn’t always the first social platform that comes to mind for marketing purposes, but for a certain type of business it really should be at the top of the list.


LinkedIn is a powerhouse when it comes to networking and establishing a brand as an industry authority. The atmosphere of the network and the audience that follows along makes it the perfect environment for positioning yourself as a leader.


The only thing is that LinkedIn is more professional based than other platforms. You’re not going to find a lot of casual social activity going on. If your business depends on highly visual or trendy marketing, LinkedIn probably isn’t where your efforts are best focused.


Instagram Possibilities


Instagram is a highly visual social network that aligns perfectly with the modern consumer’s tendency to favor easily consumable content. The images and videos on Instagram provide relief to the onslaught of text-based content that users are confronted with every day.


Instagram isn’t designed only for businesses that feature products and services that make for great snapshots. It’s about taking what you have, no matter what it is, and photographing or recording it in a way that invites engagement.


A big part to being successful on Instagram is recognizing how to reach your audience on the network. With 71% of US based businesses on the platform, friendly competition is a reality.


Catching on to Snapchat


Much like Instagram, Snapchat is a highly visual network, however the demographic is more targeted. Younger audiences, including young millennials and generation Z, are the ones fueling the platform’s growth.


If you’re a business that appeals to one these demographics, Snapchat could be one of the most effective targets of your marketing resources.

However, for everyone else, investing time and energy in Snapchat should be looked at more carefully. It can work as a portion of your social media marketing campaigns, but as a stand-alone strategy, it really works best for a very specific targeted audience.


Conclusion and Take-Aways


Social media is the fastest, most interactive form of marketing on the internet. When it comes to an online presence for your business, you have to be transparent and you have to be real.


The most effective social media campaigns are in sync with your overall marketing plans.  Since social media platforms offer the most direct methods for communicating with your prospects and customers, you need to pay attention to what the social media results are telling you about your customers. If you listen carefully to what they tell you through your social media channels, you will have a far greater chance to turn visitors into customers and customers into repeat buyers who will spread the word about your business.


The way to win with social media is to be good at what you do, be honest, remain true to your purpose and mission, and stay active. Of course, it also takes skill at targeting, ad writing, demographic analysis, communication processes, and lead flow management, but that’s what DigitalMX will handle for you.


While we looked at the top social networks leveraged by businesses, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. To create the best social marketing strategy, it’s important to look at each network and assess the pros and cons for your business. If you’re ready to get the most out of your social presence, we offer the social media services that will elevate your brand. Contact DigitalMX today to learn more.