6 Website Plugins for Boosting Performance and Measuring Results

Submitted by DigitalMX Online on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 18:12
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Today, every business needs a high performing, professional looking website to deliver their brand and serve as a virtual storefront online. To say that your business needs a website isn’t exactly breaking news. What does need to be stated is that how well a website performs can make or break a business. It isn’t enough to just have a website and be present online. You also need that website to be optimized for attracting traffic and fueling success.


A big part of this starts with a great web design but follow through is also important. How is your website performing and are you attracting, and then converting the traffic you need to grow and succeed? These are big questions that need to be answered on a regular basis.


Fortunately, keeping track of your website performance and optimizing it along the way is easier than many businesses realize. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, there are tools you can use to gather insights and optimize your website’s performance. We’re referring to plugins and here are some of the best options for your successful business today.


Google XML Sitemaps


You can have a beautiful, professional looking website but if it isn’t getting noticed by search engines, then it’s failing to perform for your business. Your website’s ability to rank high in search engine results is crucial to the success of your business. Installing the Google XML Sitemap plugin is a sure way of making sure you’re getting the attention you deserve.


This plugin creates an XML sitemap for your website that can be used not only by Google but other top search engines as well – think along the lines of Bing and Yahoo. Plus, unlike other similar plugins, Google XML Sitemaps isn’t going to cause any lag in your website’s speed or performance.


Google Maps Builder


Businesses that have a physical location need a way of directing traffic not only to their website but also through their physical door. Local SEO has become an incredibly vital component of digital marketing for local businesses, with the inclusion of maps for customers to find their way to you being key for success. The Google Maps Builder plugin makes this easy.


The Google Maps Builder makes it easy for potential customers to find their way to your location and includes lots of customizable options. While this plugin doesn’t exactly help you track analytics and measure your site’s performance, it does work to boost the results you see by increasing your chances of being found in local search results.


Yoast SEO


Although we don’t have the numbers to back up this statement, Yoast SEO is probably one of the most popular website plugins of all time. Yoast SEO is a comprehensive search engine optimization plugin that provides you with everything you need to approach the performance of your SEO campaign from multiple angles.


This plugin gives you so many tools, like the ability to preview your search snippet, set canonical URLs to avoid the risk of duplicate content floating around the internet, Google Search Console integration and more. It even gives you the green light go-ahead when your content is effectively optimized for search engine optimization.


Broken Link Checker


There are lots of things that can hurt your website’s performance, including broken links. There’s nothing more frustrating for your website visitors than to excitedly land on your site and then have that excitement deflated when they encounter broken links – plus, this can also damage the effectiveness of your SEO.


It’s important that you regularly check for broken links but having a tool that does it for you is even better. Broken Link Checker consistently monitors your site for broken links from any source and immediately sends you a notification when one is discovered. If you don’t have the time to fix the broken link, you can start by preventing search engines from following them until you’re able to address the issue.




If seeing improved lead generation results is a goal of yours, then Optinmonster is a plugin you can’t afford to ignore. It’s frustrating to see your SEO campaign produces a great amount of traffic but then fail to see similar results with lead generation. You’ve done all that work, with nothing to show for it.


Optinmonster is a plugin that assists with lead generation and fuels conversions. Not only does this plugin feature customizable forms and templates, it helps you with page level targeting, identifies lead behavioral components and has A/B testing capabilities. In other words, it’s all the insights and tools you need for lead generation wrapped up in one neat little plugin package.




Page speed has become crucial to SEO in recent years. We’ve reached the point where consumers are no longer willing to wait all day, or even 3 seconds for pages to load. This means that your site needs to be optimized for speed – no excuses accepted.


The Smush plugin improves your site’s speed by taking a multidirectional approach to eliminating and scaling back on elements that are known to bog down websites. For instance, Smush will scale down and compress images so they don’t create lag in page loading. The plugin also eliminates unnecessary data from the visual elements on your site. If you’ve included lots of great, engaging visual components in your web design, you need the Smush plugin to prevent slow site speed from tanking your SEO results.


This Is Only the Beginning

There are so many great plugins out there that will elevate and help you track the performance of your website. So many in fact, that many businesses become overwhelmed with the choices. What you need is a professional website design agency that can sort through the options and introduce you to the plugins that are best suited for your business website, and DigitalMX Online is here to help. If you’d like to know more about the best plugins for your website or are considering a new professional web design for your business, we’d love to talk. Contact DigitalMX Online and speak with one of our web design experts today.