Strategic Leadership Team

Our Strategic Leadership Works To Create Your Core Marketing Strategy - Then Apply Our Mastery Of The New Rules of Advertising, Following-Up, Lead Generating, & Selling To Your Business

Team With DigitalMX To Engage Prospects With A Clear And Precise Message And Offer Superior Value - And Build Profits

We will develop your Core Marketing Strategy that will be your unique marketing message composed of words, phrases, & images  -- stated with clarity and passion in a way that instantly and definitively communicates who you are, what you do, and what customers can expect when doing business with you.

Ben Layne

Ben has developed and implemented marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses in over 140 industries, ranging from medical services - including labs, surgeons, and practices, software and IT, engineering, manufacturing, banking, educational services, to C-level business strategic consulting.   He’s been a featured speaker at national conferences and taught businesses how to design their marketing systems and craft their message to capture a greater percentage of the prospective buyers in the marketplace. He helps Fortune 500 businesses increase customer loyalty and referrals, and helps up-and-coming businesses leverage their new ideas, products, and services in ways that help them become the new leaders in their industry. His work is found in the voices and strategies driving nationally recognized, award-winning businesses.  McKesson corporation recognized his work with their National Best Marketing award of 2012.  

Experienced executives and leading entrepreneurs appreciate Ben’s ability to understand complex problems and provide practical, realistic solutions that turn business challenges into strengths.

Ben has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to innovate and identify ways they can make themselves better and different in their marketplace, and then worked with them to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing investment by capturing new, loyal customers to accelerate growth and drive bottom line profitability.  

Ben had already co-founded two business by the time he graduated from Brigham Young University in 1998. Since 2005 Ben and his wife Susan have called the Dallas / Fort Worth area home. He enjoys playing chess, reading, cooking, and playing an occasional pick-up basketball game. 

Robert Aungst

Bob Aungst describes his work as a “focus on implementing strategies that help entrepreneurs build the kind of business that helps them be happier – not just wealthier.” Therefore, his focus is on sustainable and scalable strategies that work to "free up" business leaders so they can focus on things that are most important. his includes keeping DigitalMX agile, quickly adopting new technologies and leveraging them in behalf of clients.  He knows the value of properly leveraging marketing technologies: "We stay far ahead of the curve, adapting the most valuable technologies and offer them as turnkey products - and it's phenomenal how much we can impact a business or an entire industry." 

Bob has owned and consulted with dozens of businesses and he is passionate about building successful online strategies. As part of a rapidly growing network of knowledgeable search engine professionals, Bob's leadership works to maintain focus on scalability, ensuring that marketing works to engage prospective customers and generate qualified connections. Most importantly, Bob’s proven ability to turn visitors into engagements and long-term relationships provide DigitalMX clients' with steady, profitable growth.

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